Upon joining WBIF Germany , you will have access to the Members section to register and participate in tourneys, subject to each tourney’s Announcement and Tourney Rules set forth on this website.

Character of WBIF Germany
WBIF Germany is managed by private commitment only. The commited persons have no monetary intentions. The offered tourneys have solely privat, nonpublic character. That means, that the tourney management is allowed to decline the registration of a player or preclude a registered player temporary or permanently. The tourney management is allowed to stop organizing tourneys, if continuation is not possible for personal or technical reasons. The players have no right to participate at or continuation of tourneys.

Data privacy
With registration the following personal data are stored: First name, last name, mail-address, telephone number, regional association, nickname heroes. After registration the tourney management adds: BMAB-title, nickname WBIF-Tiger (only WBIF International). The player optional adds following data by himself: different nicknames, photo. By playing tourneys following data are stored: Match- and analyseresults.

The data are used as follows: The telephone number is used only by tourney management for personal contact. The mail-address is used by the tourney management for tourneyinformation and given to the players opponents to date their matches. The other data are published on the website for information about the player und his participation in the tourneys.

The data will not given to third parties. The contact person for storing is the same as for the website, named in the legal notices.

By joining a national association of WBIF I am entitled to participate in the WBIF tourneys and possibly to represent the country in european tourneys. No other rights or obligations arise from joining a national association.

Membership in a national association can be acquired solely if the applicant either holds the nationality of or has the center of interest in that country. Joining more than one WBIF national association is not possible. It is possible to change the national association with the start of a new year. After a change the particpant has to play for this association for two years.

Backgammon Studio Heroes account
WBIF hosts tourneys that are currently played on the Backgammon Studio Heroes server. Participation in the tourneys is only possible with a free account on the server Backgammon Studio Heroes. You can register yourself within a few minutes on the website Backgammon Studio Heroes.

Your Data

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