Animals on Board Cup

The winners of the tourney will be awarded the title of "King of the Animals"

Participation is open to all persons. Participants from outside Europe should be prepared to play at European times. Registration is open to registered players of WBIF Germany after logging in to the MY WBIF - TOURNEY REGISTRATION section until 29.07.2023. Unless otherwise described, the RULES of WBIF Germany apply.

Special conditions for team formation
The formation of teams is carried out by the tourney management according to the following:

  • Players shall register as an individual player.
  • All participants will be sorted based on PR of max. 25 last matches.
  • Single Participants from national associations will be divided to create international teams as far as possible.
  • The remaining participants will be seeded based on their PR within the team so that teams of as equal strength as possible are formed.
  • Each team consists of 4 players. The player with the best PR becomes team captain.
  • The team will be assigned a name by the tourney management. The team name consists of the combination of a backgammon term and an animal species.
  • The tourney management informs the participants about team names, team members and their email addresses. The participants agree to the release of the email address to the other team members.

Pairings will be played in doubt at Backgammon Studio Heroes, Server 1. Participants without an account at Heroes are requested to register there before registering for the tourney.


In each round, each player of one team competes against another player of the other team, 4 matches in total. So it is possible for a match to end in a draw. For the Ko-mode, draws will be counted as half a win and half a loss. In accordance with the tourney rules, meaningless matches (last match at the score 3-0) may be waived.

The Tournaments will be played in the quadruple KO system on 11 match points with the Heroes clock setting standard (10 seconds per move plus 2 minutes per matchpoint). The description for the Triple KO mode applies accordingly. A detailed description of the mode you will find on the page HELP & RULES.

The tourney will start a few days after registration closes. Rounds 1 to 4, which are played simultaneously, will have a minimum of 4 weeks to play, and subsequent rounds will have a minimum of 2 weeks to play. The duration of the tourney depends on the number of participants and the rounds to be played.


Please send questions about the tourney via email to Peter, tourney management WBIF Germany.