About WBIF

WBIF Germany and WBIF International

The website of WBIF Germany resulted from the organisation of the DBIM German Backgammon Internet Championship 2013 by Peter Haßelberg and with the support of Volker Sonnabend, Hardy Hübener and Stephan Gumpert. The original intention was to nominate a strong player for the international WBIF tourneys.

The positive feedback from the backgammon scene and the numerous suggestions have led to the fact that the website has continuously developed and since 2014, with individual adaptations, has also been made available for the internet presence of the WBIF World Backgammon Internet Federation.

WBIF Germany and WBIF International are each managed independently and by different people. This means, among other things, a different conception of the tourneys, a different use of the proceeds as well as different tourney rules.

WBIF Germany

WBIF Germany is led by Peter Haßelberg and supported by a committee. Members of the committee are (in alphabetical order):

  • Dankwart Plattner
  • Markus Klein
  • Philipp Heyng
  • Volker Sonnabend

The committee advises on the design of tourneys, external presentation, participation in third party events and on the nomination of German players for international online tourneys as required. The committee forms a Ruling-Committee from among its members and decides on disputes in the function of a tourney supervisor.

Aims and activities
As a founding and former board member of the German Backgammon Association e. V. (DBGV), the tourney management pursues the goal of maintaining and promoting backgammon as a cultural asset and competitive sport with the following activities:

  • Annual organisation of the DBIM German Backgammon Internet Championship
  • Nominating strong players for the international WBIF tourneys
  • Regular internet tourneys for all players and in different playing classes
  • Supporting German organisers, especially the DBGV, in hosting live and online tourneys
  • Providing the website and technical support for the WBIF World Backgammon Internet Federation

Participation in the internet tournaments of WBIF Germany is only possible from 2021 with an account at the backgammon server Backgammon-Studio Heroes (until 2020 GridGammon). To play tournament matches at preferred times, it is usually necessary to upgrade the free account to a premium account for an annual fee (2022: 25 euros). A guide to Heroes in English language can be found on the front page of WBIF Germany.

In addition, a one-time free registration at WBIF Germany is required. The registration only commits the participants to accept the organization of WBIF Germany, to agree to the storage and publication of the tournament data and to comply with the announcement and tournament rules.

WBIF World Backgammon Internet Federation

WBIF offers participating nations to play national online backgammon championships through the WBIF website and based on a common set of rules.

In addition to the national championships, WBIF will supervise and organise the following tourneys with the support of the participating countries:

  • World Team Championship with teams of 5 qualified participants from each nation
  • Champions Cup with the top 3 finishers of the national championships
  • World Cup with another three finishers of the national championships
  • WBIF Tour, 3 open online qualifiers and a final live final tourney
  • WBIF Open, open online tourneys

In addition, a variety of other tourneys with different orientations are now offered, e.g. children's and youth tourneys, youth tourneys, youth tourneys, youth tourneys, youth tourneys and youth tourneys.

WBIF is run by a committee of members from the participating nations.

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